Are you being caught in a thought storm?

Are you being caught in a thought storm?

Are you being caught in a thought storm?

Have you heard that ‘your thoughts create your reality’?

This is a phrase you may have heard many times before, so I would like you to take a moment to really stop and think about what that means for you.

The thoughts you have, create your feelings and emotions, the feelings and emotions you have affect your behaviour. So just consider that for a moment.

Next time you find yourself in a funk, caught in a thought storm where you are being bombarded by these thoughts, feeling negative feelings and emotions and not quite where you want to be.  I advise you to take a moment to stop, breathe and trace back what thought the feeling is linked to.

From personal experience, I know it is true, that our external world is created from inside of us. Therefore, the awareness that we are the creator of our present situation, will help us ride the thought storms and spiralled feelings.  These come our way when we pay too much attention to the storm.  Change the way you look at things

If you can resonate with the connection that your thoughts create your feelings, which create your emotions and reality,  then I would like to suggest to you that you can choose which of these thoughts to follow.  Also, which of these thoughts you choose to float on by and not give your attention to.

We are our own master, whether you believe it or not. We cannot control our thoughts, but we can control how much attention we give them. By becoming attuned to this connection of our thoughts, feelings and emotions, you will be able to recognise you have control about how you feel about yourself, your situation and how you react.

Develop your Awareness

Awareness is the first step to making improvements in how you can ride out these storms.  I suggest that you look to embark on this as a journey, of self-awareness and self-discovery, with no judgement.

Allow yourself to see the connections that you innocently create with your thoughts and feelings and analyse them to really understand what is behind them.  Is it a negative emotion you are creating? and is there really any evidence other than your thinking which has put you into this situation?

I often ask myself, what is this situation here to teach me? what can I learn about myself and my thinking?  Understanding this will help me improve my quality of life, relationships and be more in tune with myself.

When we allow ourselves to take time to be aware of where our feelings are coming from and we give ourselves permission to be curious about this, we give ourselves the opportunity for freedom to create a different reality.

So next time you get caught in a thought storm which could affect how you feel for minutes, hours, days or even weeks. I want you to visualise, putting on your welly boots, putting on your raincoat and putting up your umbrella to shield you from the storm, and smile to yourself as you do this.

Allow yourself to recognise that just because you are aware of the storm, you don’t need to get wet.  You can choose to focus on the storm or choose to focus on the blue sky that is always there beyond the clouds.

5 Tips for protecting yourself and getting out of the thought storm

1. Stop and recognise you are in a thought storm.
2. Breathe and let your thoughts settle, realise you can step away from the storm.
3. Get Curious and analyse, what is it really about?
4. No Judgement, just allow it to be what it is and focus on what you really need.
5. Recognise you changed your focus and be kind to yourself.