Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Coaching is about giving yourself space to find peace of mind and the courage to transform your life. The coaching provides a safe space to let go and explore, it is for anyone who is finding that they are feeling anxious, worried, lacking confidence or generally overwhelmed and want to find their way home to mental wellness.

You will learn to connect with your innate wisdom, your inner knowing, you will be able to understand your negative thinking patterns, trauma, anxiety, stress and fears which has kept you stuck in your old way of thinking you aren’t enough.

Emotional Wellness Coaching is liberating, it will enable you to release all the potential within you, you will learn to trust and believe in yourself and you will have the courage to the live the life you deserve, because all the changes comes from within you.

This coaching is based on an understanding called the Three Principles. These are the principles of Universal Mind, Consciousness and Thought, an understanding which was originally discovered by Sydney Banks in 1973.

Three Principles thinking is like clouds in the sky