What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

The first time I saw Brian Mayne talk about his system of Goal Mapping was in January 2018 at a goal setting event at YES Group London, it had such an impact on me that in fact I saw him talk twice on the subject that month!

When Brian came to speak at YES Group Norwich on Thursday 26th March 2019, I was so looking forward to hearing him again and realise now, that evening was the 4th time I had heard him speak in 14 months! Maybe I have become a goal mapping groupie!!!

The thing is, this system is simple but it works. Each time I have heard Brian speak I have taken away new learnings and different things have resonated with me. I truly believe we can continually learn new things which I am massively passionate about, as Brian says in his talks we are either green and growing or ripe and rotten – I know which I would rather be and so I would always encourage anyone to look out for new opportunities to learn and grow to remain green and growing.

Many of you will be familiar with setting goals, I worked for almost 20 years in a corporate environment which was very target driven, so setting goals had become just part of what I do in everyday life, not just my work life. If you have set goals you will be familiar with the acronym of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely/Time Driven)

So what is the difference with Goal Mapping?

Goal Mapping is a system which not only follows the above traditional goal setting principles, a goal map engages our whole brain, both our logical thinking left brain (through the words of our goal) and our creative thinking right brain (through pictures projecting towards the steps and achievement of the goal) – genius!

When have you ever wished or dreamt of something for yourself and thought of it in words? Never! You use your creative Goal Settingmind to visualise what you want. If I was to ask you to think of relaxing on a tropical beach – no one would think of the words, they would visualise the tropical beach, the crystal blue waters, I visualise myself sitting in a deckchair in a straw hat under an umbrella looking out over my tropical paradise and dreaming.

In the absence of a goal, your subconscious mind will automatically select the dominant thought of your conscious mind. Your subconscious is many times more powerful than your conscious mind so is always seeking a target to focus on, so if you are thinking negative thoughts you are naturally commanding your subconscious mind towards the negative situation you want to avoid.

In short, negative thinking and worry is the same as negative goal setting – sending you off in the direction towards what you are worried about, your autopilot taking you towards more of what you don’t want. Eek!

That’s not your objective, so what can you do? If you reframe your worries into the positive, you will focus on what you DO want and you will set your intention on the positive.

You are then able to break this down by setting goals and using a goal map it takes you towards what you want to achieve and doing more of what makes your heart sing.

The pictures within the goal map make it more inspiring and the great thing is, if like me, you aren’t a great artist, Brian has created an online version of the goal map, so you can upload your own images, which make your goal mapping more compelling and powerful as it is meaningful and personal to you.

I love Brian’s analogy about the winds of change, inspired by living near the sea and seeing boats navigate sailing around the Isle of Wight. He talks about change and that change in life is inevitable, we can’t stop it or control it, it is like the wind that blows, we can’t change the wind.

Change will happen in many areas of life and the world we live in, change is neither good or bad, but how we choose to view it makes it either good or bad. Just let that sink in – our own internal representation of change will depend how we view it – Wow, we are in control of this stuff!

So when there is change, it creates opportunity, the possibility for something new, which can be exciting and help us grow and move forward. Unfortunately, many people who fear change, especially when they feel it is out of their control, can find they become paralysed by their thoughts and they feel stuck. This can lead to ill health, through stress and depression brought on by negative thoughts and emotions.

So the truth is we can’t stop change, we all have the power to choose how to adapt to the change and how to adjust and set our sails to navigate those winds of change. So move into the driving seat of your life, using your goals as beacons of light to help guide you, you can use change as something helpful, providing stepping stones towards what you really want to achieve.

It is true to say that a positive mindset is the thing which sets most successful people apart from others. Brian calls this the DAC factor, the difference which makes the difference. DAC stands for Drive, Attitude and Confidence. Traditionally education focuses on someone’s technical knowledge and ability, the DAC Factor is becoming more and more recognised as a key skill in modern life, it is the key difference between people and sets people apart, their mindset. It is what determines your own level of success. You could have two people with the same ability and skill set, the thing which will set them apart will be their mindset, drive, attitude and confidence in their abilities.

So follow this exercise which Brian asked us to do, write down your answers which are the first thing which comes into your head. Take no more than 30 seconds to read and answer each question, let your heart tell you the answers.

Brian’s Seven Empowering Questions

1. If you won £10 million pounds on the lottery, what would you do differently in your life?

2. If you only had six months to live, but would live that time in perfect health what would you do differently with your time?

3. What have you always wanted to do, but have been afraid to attempt?

4. If you could be granted any one skill or ability, what would you choose?

5. What gives you your greatest feeling of pleasure and satisfaction?

6. What legacy would you like to leave; how do you want to be remembered?

7. If you knew you were guaranteed to succeed, what one great achievement would you dare to dream for yourself?

So my thoughts are, dream big, create those goal maps and follow your hearts desire to do more of what makes your heart sing.

If you want to find out more about goalmapping visit Brian’s website www.goalmapping.com to create your own goal map and find out more about his events and if you would like to find out more about YES Group Norwich then visit www.yesgroupnorwich.org.uk