Have courage my dear heart

Have courage my dear heart

Have courage my dear heart

This is me on a dog walk this week, when the sun was out.  I want to share with you, why I feel so passionately about sharing the understanding of the Three Principles in my work.

Last night I was invited to be interviewed by my coach, Charli Wall on her podcast, which is called, Courage Dear Heart. I have known Charli for several years and worked with her for the last 2 years gaining a deeper understanding of the new psychology called the Three Principles.

It was only upon sharing last night that I realised the full extent of how this understanding has helped me become who I am now, and I want to share from this from my heart. Anna Saunders Three Principles

I used to have a career in the corporate world, it was very successful, I earnt a big salary and was able to have the financial freedom to travel and enjoy the good things in life. I was also very good at what I did and well respected. It was a job which required me to deliver financial results through the teams who worked for me and it was important to me, I was proud of where I was and what I achieved, and I worked at a high level of integrity.

A change was on the horizon, as happens in corporate life, (or it did back then, in 2008) new visionaries are drafted in, “to make a difference”. There is always more profit, sales and money to be squeezed from what is already being produced and this is what big companies want.

The result of this was, I was subjected to 8 months of corporate bullying by a man brought in to squeeze more from what was already an amazingly profitable business. My integrity meant I challenged his approach and that was the beginning of the end, I was always a flexible person looking to grow and improve, but I had to speak my truth if things didn’t seem right and fair, fairness is one of my highest values.

At the same time, I fell pregnant with my daughter, it was a hideous time, I couldn’t enjoy my pregnancy and I lost myself completely. In the end I surrendered, I waved the white flag, I could take no more, I had become a shell of myself, questioning who I was, I was functioning on my trauma response of fight or flight, so I agreed to take voluntary redundancy when I went on maternity leave. I just had to get out, I couldn’t cope anymore, my mental health was suffering.

Whilst the horror was over, I then struggled with what was next, I felt low, depressed and my confidence and self-esteem was shot to pieces and I had the challenge of juggling two young children and finding work. I took other jobs and then as the children grew bigger, I needed to work more around them, I got part time jobs to fit around my family, I didn’t feel like me and I knew I was a bit lost. I didn’t know how to fix myself, I just kept trying.

The one thing which I knew I loved and made me feel alive, was helping people, guiding them to find their truth and feel happy and alive. This was my wisdom talking to me, but I didn’t realise it at the time. I had years of coaching experience in the corporate world and I dabbled with working for a training company whilst on my maternity leave. I love personal development, I started going to the YES group in Norwich, a personal development peer group, who helped me grow and feel inspired. I retrained in NLP and many people have always said that I should be a counsellor, (this is the terminology people know, but I will explain why I favour coaching over counselling another time). I became part of the YES group leadership team, which enabled me to make a difference and provide opportunities for others to grow. In 2018 I trained in hypnotherapy and then I really started my Three Principles journey. This is where my real healing began.

It is through the Three Principles that I have finally found the core of who I am and what makes me happy. The coaching I have received has helped me finally build my confidence and find my voice. Even a couple of years ago, I was too scared to speak unless I had planned everything out and what I said would be what I thought was ‘perfect’. I had lost my voice, I had hidden myself away, I was doing good things but hiding behind others or amongst the masses, so as not to be noticed.

Now I know that I have innate wellbeing at the core of me, I don’t need to be fixed and I am not broken, I trust in myself and when I am speaking from my heart, my wisdom shines through.

My coaching work has really ignited my passion for helping people, its where I feel most comfortable, and I feel very passionately about helping people with their mental health and emotional wellness to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

My passion for wanting to know more, has helped me heal and recognise my true self. So, this is my journey, which has led me to where I am, I believe everything happens for a reason and it feels like it has taken a long time for me to get here, but it feels right and where I am meant to be and I have got here at the exact time I am supposed to.

So, my work will continue to be focused on serving others to guide and support them on their own journey to reconnect with their own innate health and wellbeing as after all, we already have it within us. 💙

Thanks for reading and I hope by sharing it can help others know they are not alone if they don’t feel themselves, there is hope and that innate wellbeing is already in you, just buried deep inside.

Have a super duper Easter weekend everyone 🐰xx

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